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Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the premise that all body systems are reflected on the feet hands and ears. The feet (hands, ears) are assessed and congestion is released through stimulation of the relevant reflex points. Although working the feet as a therapeutic mode for both body and mind has its root in ancient cultures, the therapy as it is practice today is based on Zone Theory, the work of Dr William Fitzgerald (1872-1942) an American Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.


Why study Reflexology?

The efficacy of reflexology to treat a variety of health conditions has been extensively researched in China and Europe. In the last ten years Reflexology has also become a mainstream complementary therapy in Australia. Reflexologists work in nursing homes, hospitals, businesses and mine sites – and many health funds give rebates for reflexology services.


Most people find reflexology deeply relaxing at a physical, mental and emotional level, thus allowing the body’s healing mechanisms to function more effectively.


The proven benefits of reflexology include improved immunity,  mental clarity, sleep quality, improved digestion and bowel function, increased circulation and detoxification.  A variety of health conditions have been shown to have improved with Reflexology.


The course has been designed to introduce the student to a holistic approach to improving health through reflexology. The framework of reflexology theory and practice is thoroughly discussed as well as a step by step approach to treating the systems of the body through the feet (and other microsystems). Other philosophies and specialised techniques underpinning reflexology are also introduced and practiced to give the student a comprehensive understanding of current professional reflexology practice.


Emphasis is on solid practical applications of all aspects taught in the course. Assessment of progress is ongoing through homework, practice sessions, assignments, case studies, presentations and clinic.


Course Available

AAOWT has a range of training options for those interested in learning about Reflexology from short courses and workshops, to skills sets and Nationally Accredited Qualifications.

Reflexology for Relaxation

Reflexology for Relaxation

Diploma of Reflexology

Diploma of Reflexology